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A dongle called AAWireless, recently published on Indiegogo, promises to put Android Auto wirelessly in more cars. THE campaign it has already surpassed its initial goal and may be the solution for those who forgot at home the USB cable that connects the smartphone directly to the vehicle’s central console.

android wireless auto

Android Auto is a smart solution for the bad operating systems that are used in car entertainment centers, but it basically only works with a USB cable that recharges the cell phone’s battery while providing the data needed for the service to appear on the vehicle’s screen – Android Auto wireless exists, but for very few phones and cars.

In Android 11, the user will be able to use Android Auto wirelessly in more devices and more cars, with the help of the 5 GHz connection on both sides. While Google’s new mobile operating system is distant, an Indiegogo campaign wants to eliminate the problem of whether your phone will receive the new Android, as well as whether your car is compatible.

AAWireless uses a USB connection that the car or stereo already offers to start Android Auto, but at the other end of the wire is a small dongle that is barely bigger than a USB stick and uses the power of the USB port to work. He is responsible for the wireless version of Android Auto that uses Wi-Fi connection, even in non-compatible vehicles.

The campaign says that AAWireless works in almost all cars that already accept Android Auto via cables, but for vehicles that don’t work properly the developer claims that it works on a kind of software update of the accessory that can add compatibility. Oh yes, just Android 9 or higher on your smartphone will make everything work properly.

With information: Engadget.

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