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Adobe presented the world with a solution to a problem that has everything it needs to grow even more: identifying faces in images that have been tampered with, or photoshopped. The name of this spell is About Face and it uses artificial intelligence to suggest whether the image has been altered or not.

about face

The tool was presented during the company’s annual conference, Adobe MAX. On the stage, Adobe, which was famous for helping to remove pimples and marks from faces in Photoshop, showed that it can alert when these changes were applied to an image.

About Face analyzes, with the help of artificial intelligence, pixel by pixel and displays the probability of manipulation on the screen. First the alert appears as a percentage, but it can go further and show where points on the face were found to be photoshopped.

According to Adobe, the tool can see if pixels have been stretched or pressed when it realizes that data is missing (when editing shortens the distance between two points) or when information is left over (when points are more distant). In addition to analyzing the image, About Face can try to reverse what has been done and it also uses and abuses artificial intelligence.

About Face is still treated as an internal project and there is no forecast for its launch, either within a program already on the market such as Photoshop or on its own platform.

With information: The Verge and The Next Web.

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