99 tests electric car in races in the city of Curitiba | Car

Since the last day 5, users of 99 in Curitiba (PR) are having the chance to race for service with an electric car provided by the Brazilian startup Hitech Electric. From name e.coTech4, the vehicle has up to 150 km of autonomy and is suitable for circulation in urban centers.

Hitech Electric e.coTech4 at 99

e.coTech4 in test at 99

As this is an experience, it is not possible to specifically order the electric car when a race is requested. However, 99 states that any user who orders a car via 99Pop mode can be served with e.coTech4. Two drivers are taking turns driving the vehicle.

THE People’s Gazette, Devson Costa da Silva, one of the drivers selected for the experience, reported that passengers are surprised by the electric car, but approve of the idea. It also highlights the compact size of the vehicle, a feature that makes it ideal for urban circulation and facilitates parking maneuvers.

But electric motorization is the most relevant feature, obviously. E.coTech4 has a range of up to 150 km on a full charge. There is a cheaper version whose autonomy is estimated at up to 100 km. The recharge time lasts up to 6 hours on 110/220 volts.

In addition to the compact size, another feature that makes the model suitable for urban circulation is its speed, up to 60 km / h. The vehicle can also carry four people. There is a two-person version conveniently called e.coTech2.

Both e.coTech2 and e.coTech4 have been on sale for a few months, but the prices are not the most attractive: both cost, respectively, R $ 69,280 and R $ 72,280.

Hitech Electric e.coTech4 at 99

Not to mention the options. Air conditioning, for example, can increase the vehicle’s value by almost R $ 3,000. Another example: the electric steering kit costs approximately R $ 2 thousand.

In contrast, Hitech Electric highlights fuel economy. The average cost of a full refill is R $ 4.50. In the startup’s estimates, the savings from the use of electricity can reach R $ 10,000 per year. The maintenance cost of the electric car in comparison with conventional cars is another advantage pointed out by the company.

The experiment runs until Sunday (18), but it is possible that the partnership between 99 and Hitech Electric will be expanded. THE People’s Gazette, 99 revealed plans to allow drivers working on the platform using rental cars to have the option of renting electric vehicles.

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