700 MHz frequency is released for 4G throughout the Brazilian territory | Telecommunications

The operators Claro, TIM and Vivo are finally free to activate the network 4G with frequency 700 MHz Throughout the national territory. The reason is that EAD (Managing Entity for Digitalization of TV Channels) completed the schedule for relocating television stations that could cause interference.

700 MHz frequency is released for 4G throughout the Brazilian

The process started in 2016 and, in total, 1,034 channels from 347 broadcasters had their frequencies reassigned. EAD states that the works reached more than 500 cities at the same time, with 120 technical teams in the field working simultaneously, involving the entity’s engineering team, Anatel, radio broadcasting, telephone operators, equipment suppliers and service providers.

According to Seja Digital, the 4G signal at the frequency of 700 MHz is already activated in 3,410 municipalities; with the release of the band, operators can activate the service in the rest of the country. Of the large companies, Oi is the only one that was left out, for not having won the frequency at the Anatel auction. The operator intends to buy the right of use in the next bid, scheduled for 2020.

The frequency of 700 MHz is important for operators: as it is a lower frequency than the traditional 1,800 MHz and 2,600 MHz, there is greater signal penetration, allowing better coverage of indoor environments and more distant areas. This allows companies to expand their networks while spending less. Despite this, the range is not suitable in places with a large concentration of people, since its capacity is less.

Currently, 4G technology is present in 4,647 Brazilian municipalities. TIM is the leader in coverage, with 3,370 cities served, followed by Vivo (3,190), Claro (2,686) and Oi (941).

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