4th season of Mr. Robot promises to end series in style

Extending a series too much because of the good initial receptivity is often a risky choice. It is often better to complete a plot at its peak than to make it a zombie that walks aimlessly. Apparently, the producers of Mr. Robot are well aware of this: the fourth season of the series is coming, but to be the last.

Goodbye, friend - Mr. Robot

Some believe that Mr. Robot it should have had, at most, three seasons. In general, the first was a mind blowing, but the second seems to have suffered from an extensive hangover that, fortunately, was very well cured in the third. Considering the efforts made in the latter, wouldn’t it be the case to stop there?

That question has as a backdrop the fear that a new season will lose everything, but the trailer manages to convey the feeling that the last episodes will bring a dignified outcome, which corresponds to everything that the series represents.

In fact, the trailer for the fourth season of Mr. Robot manages to fulfill its function, which is to generate expectations. The one-minute video shows that the plot was environmentalized during the 2015 Christmas season in New York. As it could not be otherwise, now Oscar winner Rami Malek is back in the role of Elliot – the protagonist remains as self-absorbed and at the same time restless as before.

Mr. Robot - season 4

To top it off, the atmosphere of tension is subtly combined with the air of melancholy typical of New Year’s celebrations. In addition, the narration of the trailer indicates between the lines that Elliot is going for an all or nothing against E Corp and other threats (in free translation):

If you follow this path, it will never end. There will always be something else, another symbol to destroy, more people to save. This is an endless war. What you are about to do is cross a line.

The last season of Mr. Robot will have 13 episodes and will open on October 6 on USA Network. The episodes will be aired on Sunday night, prime time on American TV, which makes it clear that the channel is betting heavily on the outcome of the series.

Sam Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot, had already signaled that the series would have four or five seasons. Combining that promise with the nearly two-year break for the fourth season’s release (the third was released in late 2017), you can even hope that the producers have had time to give the series the ending it deserves.

Not that this is going to be a problem for fans of Mr. Robot here, but there is still no information about the debut of the fourth season in Brazil.

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