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THE DJI announced on Wednesday (30) another variant of the Mavic drones, which now has a smaller body and a suggestive name of Mavic Mini. This drone was born with an aim aimed at fun and not at work, betting on a device that is the smallest and lightest of all the folding of the brand.

dji mavic mini mao

The weight of the drone is 249 grams and this puts the Mavic Mini in a category that does not require registration in several countries, as is the case with the rules of Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) in Brazil. Compared to any version of the Mavic 2, the Mini is six times lighter and almost three times lighter than the Mavic Air.

The control follows the same look of the Mavic Air, which removed the LED screen and displays all flight data in the application used to control the small drone. As this model is simpler, data transmission between it and the drone is done via Wi-Fi, which promises up to four kilometers of distance in environments with little interference and obstacles.

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If the economy in control is heavier, on the drone the hand was lighter. This ensures that the DJI Mavic Mini works with GPS antennas and two sensors at the bottom for precise location – one is a camera. These sensors at the bottom are used to improve the landing and to allow some location even in closed places.

dji mavic mini control

Even though it is so light (the Mavic Mini has the weight of the Mavic 2’s battery), its autonomy is 30 minutes and this puts this model above the Air’s 20 minutes and hitting the same autonomy as the Mavic 2.

On the camera, the user can shoot at 2.7K at 30 frames per second, or Full HD at 60 frames per second. The sensor is 1 / 2.3 inch and can take 12 megapixel photos, stabilized with a three-axis electronic gimbal.

dji mavic mini gimbal

When and how much?

The DJI Mavic Mini hits the international market this Wednesday, with launch in Brazil scheduled for the second half of November. It will be sold in two options, one with the remote control, a battery, additional propellers and the cables needed for charging.


A package called Mavic Mini Fly More Combo delivers all the accessories from the previous version, with a propeller protector and drone body, two extra batteries, three additional propeller kits, charging base and a carrying case.

Even disclosing the sales packages, DJI said that the prices will only be announced at the time of launch in Brazil.

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