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One of the new features of the 16-inch MacBook Pro is that the new keyboard is… old. O iFixit disassembled Apple’s powerful laptop and confirmed that the company again adopted the old scissor mechanism, more reliable than the butterfly keyboard present in MacBooks launched in recent years, which generated lawsuits and repair programs due to failures faced by users.

New old 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard

The butterfly keyboard appeared in 2015 promising typing with more comfort and fewer errors, in addition to allowing thinner keys. However, as debris builds up, the buttons could stop working or cause double pressing. The butterfly mechanism has gone through four generations, always with improvements to make it more reliable, but even the latest generation, present in the 2019 13 and 15 inch MacBooks Pro, has been included in Apple’s repair program.

Butterfly Keyboard

Apple finally gave up on the idea and returned with the scissor mechanism on the keyboard of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. According to iFixit, the parts are practically identical to those of the old Apple Magic Keyboard, so much so that you can mix the components between the two keyboards and everything will work normally.

In comparison to the butterfly mechanism, the keys on the 16-inch MacBook Pro are 0.2 mm thicker and sink 0.5 mm more, closer to those found on conventional keyboards. IFixit notes that the sound is softer and the design is more robust. Even so, the repair process just didn’t get any easier: repairing a broken scissor mechanism still requires disassembling the entire notebook.

Apple MacBook Pro (16 inch)

The 16-inch MacBook Pro will start at R $ 21,299 in Brazil, reaching R $ 50,999 in its most powerful version, with Core i9 octa-core, 64 GB of RAM, 8 TB of SSD and AMD Radeon graphics card Pro 5500M. The notebook has a Retina display with individually calibrated pixels, a new thermal architecture for more efficient cooling, six speakers and the largest battery ever included in a MacBook.

In the meantime, the repair program for MacBook owners with the butterfly keyboard remains in effect. Anyone facing keys that “repeat themselves unexpectedly”, “do not appear” or “do not respond consistently” on MacBooks, MacBooks Air and MacBooks Pro from 2015 to 2019 can ask Apple for a repair. Repairs are free of charge for machines up to four years old from the first sale.

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